Donations to Finnegan's Challenge go to support the For The Kids Project. No monies are distributed to Finnegan or his family.

Finnegan's Challenge is an initiative to generate resources to fund the research, education and awareness surrounding children with birth defects. One in 33 children are born with a birth defect. Many families are affected by birth defects or adverse child experiences so our mission is to create a life-changing resource to ensure a positive trajectory for the children, their families, their peers and the influencers that help shape their life.

To bring attention to this situation and to raise money to develop support mechanisms for those families, on November 4, 2021, Finnegan's Grandfather, Doc Sander, shot free free throws for 24 consecutive hours and made 3,956. Numerous people made a gift or a pledge to support Doc Sander and Finnegan’s Challenge by giving a penny, a nickel or a dollar for every free throw made. Even NBA Hall of Famer and TNT celebrity Charles Barkley pledge $25,000 to support Finnegan’s challenge. Over $150,000 in gifts and pledges were committed.

To continue to bring focus to this effort, Doc started on December 15 to make 33,000 free throws by Finnegan’s birthday, June 15. As part of the challenge, we hope other people will help by making a free throw and we can have an additional 33,000 made by supporters to match Doc’s 33,000.

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