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Finnegan Sander was born on Father's Day, June 15, 2014, in the early morning in Richmond, Virginia. The first time parents were thrilled to welcome their seven pound, four ounce son into the world. A joyous morning turned into a parent's worst nightmare. After bonding with the mother for some time, mom went to recovery, dad went home to get supplies, and "Finny" went for his full evaluation with the nurses.

His mother called for the nurse to bring him down to her recovery room, but the nurse responded "The doctor is on the way to come talk to you." Fear, anxiety and doubt flooded his mother.

The doctor explained that Finnegan was born with a rare birth defect (1 in 7,500 children affected) that would require life saving surgery in the next 24 hours, and no less than two additional surgeries over the coming months to mitigate his condition.

Finnegan battled through the surgery and spent 22 days in the NICU/PICU. After a long stint in the hospital, "Finny" came home and the journey began to support him and understand the road ahead.

Meetings, appointments, diagnostics, imaging and therapy were all in the mix for the first few years. As time went on, we started to understand the demands of what it would take to ensure a positive life path for him, us as his parents and the family in general.

Today we still work with doctors, therapists, teachers and influencers to build a trajectory that allows Finnegan to live a fulfilled, safe, confident and enjoyable life. We have relied on many people to help build this support system around Finn which is why we want to use our experience, knowledge and network to create and grow resources that can positively impact those that have a similar road in front of them.

It is our goal to generate awareness, drive research and educate families and loved ones of individuals that have had a traumatic life-changing event to better cope with the journey they face. We are focused on helping those that need resources, whether it is physical, emotional, psychological, educational or financial, so that families have peace of mind and understand - "It will be OK" - even when they feel like the situation is overwhelming.

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