Participate, Donate and Share

There are numerous way to support and participate in Finnegan’s Challenge. Everyone is touched in some way from connection to a family who has been impacted by a child with a birth defect or an adverse childhood event. Everyone can do something to make a difference in these lives. Here are 4 things you can do:

Make a gift to Finnegan’s Challenge. Hit our donate button and make a gift. You can make a pledge (penny, nickel, dime, dollar, etc.) based on the number of free throws Doc Sander makes over a 24 hour period. You can make a commitment for a monthly donation. You can make an annual pledge. You can make a gift in any amount, just make a donation. Help those families who have faced the challenges of navigating life for a child with a special need.

Help expose Finnegan’s Challenge by creating your own challenge. Through social media challenge your friends, associates and other by developing a creative idea of how to put a round (could be oblong-football) object into a designated place. It could be as simple as throwing a piece of wadded up paper into a waste paper can or as complex as kicking a soccer ball into a basketball goal from half-court. Just as “the ice bucket challenge” went viral, you can make Finnegan’s Challenge goes viral. Use your own creativity.

Become an ambassador for Finnegan’s Challenge and ask your friends to participate. Let them know of your contribution and ask them to participate. Develop you own email, or social media post and direct them to our donation page.

Become a contributor by sharing your story of how you have been impacted by your relationship with a family who has had their life path impacted by a birth defect or an adverse experience of a child. As we build our social network we want to have a large contingent of individuals who are willing to share their stories and be available to offer support to those families who might be struggling.


Make a Pledge!